We started Peter Rigo photography to tell a beautiful wedding story through images for our clients. We are a team of 4 photographers and partnered videographers that mainly operate in New Jersey & New York city area. Over the years our teamcovered over 500 weddings within our area and internationally. Our strength lies in ourexperience,  creativity,  fun workplace and a serious work ethic. We have a story telling / photo-journalistic approach, always looking for that moment that captures more than just imagery, but also emotion - a photo that tells a story.

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Principal Photographer and Visionary, Peter has studied portrait photography in Europe and eventually focused his attention on wedding photography. He believes in love and marriage. His experience, creative eye and fearless approach makes him one of the best photographer in the field.





Principal Photographer, Marek thrives with a camera in his hand. Result? Fantastic, stylistic imagery that is technically correct and shows the story of your day in the most romantic way. He is a devoted father and a loving husband that enjoys life and believes that anything is possible if you truly believe in it. 





Photographer, Julian has the ability to capture a scene like nobody else. Studied photography for 4 years in NJ and worked with multiple photographers during his photography carrier. Now he is redirecting his mans-eye to wedding photography where he is painting the wedding day through images.






Photographer and Business development manager, Erhard`s personality makes him one of a kind. His devotion to help people doesn't have barriers. When you meet him for the first time you have a feeling that you know him for a lifetime. He has proven to be an asset to our team in many ways.









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