Hi, thank you for visiting peterrigo.com. I hope you feel at home here :) or at least have a great experience and enjoy my images. My name is Peter (that`s me on the left) actually I am a little older now since its impossible to take pictures like this every day. OR IS IT? My passion is to spend quality time with people and photography is my vehicle to it. Uff, that was deep, sometimes I surprise myself with my thoughts.
I would love to hear your love story, feel free to get in touch with me and lets go for a coffee. I`m the master of my time, so I can arrange it however I want :) Actually my wife is, but she is pretty good at understanding my business needs.

I`m very much looking forward to hearing your love story!
In the ZONE. To be honest, I do not consider photography as work. If I didnt need money to survive, I would consider it as leisure time :)
Introducing you to my family, and the primary reason why I do what I do.



Some people collect stamps, race cards or owls, but my collection is a little different as I collect lenses. It`s not the cheapest collection but definitely worth every dollar. Every lense has a special place in my heart :) However, my most favorite is the last one Canon 135mm F 2.0, it truly creates art with every image. (my lenses from left to right: Canon 16-35 f2.8 Mark ll, Sigma 35mm f1.4, Sigma 50mm f1.4, Canon 85mm f1.8, Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro, Canon 135mm f2.0) To be continued ... :)


And here are my two camera bodies. (Canon 5D Mark 3; Canon 6D)



On my 5 th birthday a got a small Kodak 110 film camera with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the top.
Later that month we went to the Bronx Zoo for my first trip to a real zoo. I had a few rolls of film and
took pictures all day. Once I got the film back from that trip I was hooked. I always had that little
camera with me everywhere I went. When I got older I switched to a 35mm camera and eventually
made the switch to digital. I studied photography in high school and in college studying mainly film
processing. Having this knowledge of the film process has given me a deepened appreciation for the process of creating a truly good image. This coupled with my passion for capturing a moment and preserving a memory, being instilled at such a young age, has put me in a very fortunate position. I
love what I do and I get to share with people what is often times the best days of their lives. I am so
lucky to be able to use my skills as a photographer to help people make memories they will cherish for
the rest of their lives. (Julian Huarte)

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My fist photography project that I worked on when studying at "Academy of Creative Photography" in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Click on the image to show entire Gentle nation gallery

Click on the image to show entire Gentle nation gallery

It has been such an adventure photographing all these people. One of the most interesting findings is that when speaking to them I found that every one of them had a strong passion for something they were doing in life. Many time they burst into tears during photo session. When I asked them why are you crying I got a sincere response: Because nobody ever expressed such interest in what really makes me happy in life.







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