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Many years ago, I was given a Polaroid camera. At the time, I was only 6 years old and didn’t understand the significance of that moment. Only after going through life I was able to realize that photography is my calling, and I want to devote my life to it. 

As  moments reveal themselves to be captured in an image, I saw the inherent value and enormous power within a photograph, as well as the infinite possibilities for me as a photographer. The ability to stop time, to preserve a memory and to share an experience with someone else was so priceless. I was struck by this feeling of honor to be present for and a part of such a significant experience in a new family’s life. I had this sudden and consuming desire to fill my life with these rare and precious moments.

At the start of my photography career, I specialized in  portrait photograph, which later found a deeper passion to capture the candid moments specifically for weddings. Since I am a big fan of marriage and love, this particular field of photography appealed to me. I consider myself a seeker of emotions - searching intently for those rare and intimate moments between loved ones. This search for real emotions has not only defined my photography style,  it has influenced my personal life.

To be honest, I truly believe in marriage and love between two people. Personally, I was blessed with a beautiful wife and a handsome little boy. These two people are my everything and I am thankful for each moment I can spend with them.

Once I was asked, how do I find moments filled with emotions between people? My answer was simple, my heart triggers my camera, because only my heart can find a connection between a great images and a memorable emotion.



PHOTOGRAPHER:   Peter Rigo is a professional New Jersey wedding photographer capturing NJ, NY and destination weddings. His main focus is on wedding photojournalism and fine art portraits, Peter brings an unique experience with each of his couple`s wedding photography. Peter has a broad range of experience in photography from capturing elegant form affairs, to farm weddings with rustic wedding photos and vintage wedding details.

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