Dievole Wine Resort Wedding Portraits, Tuscany Italy

Capturing Timeless Wedding Portraits in Tuscany’s Dievole Wine Resort


In this post, we share our experience shooting wedding portraits at the elegant Dievole Wine Resort in Tuscany, Italy. The couple chose this location for its natural beauty and rich history, making it the perfect backdrop for their luxurious wedding style. The bride’s stunning gown, designed by Gali Las Bridal, was personally delivered to Tuscany, ensuring every detail was perfect. Beauty by Adela, a renowned makeup artist, created a captivating look for the bride, highlighting her natural beauty. The entire session was captured by Patrik Mozis and video edited by Marek Horava cinematography.

Despite initial challenges with the weather, including rain and wind, the conditions improved, and we were able to capture some beautiful moments in the sunshine. Dievole Wine Resort proved to be an exceptional venue, offering breathtaking aerial views of the surrounding Tuscany countryside. Shooting at this location fulfilled our dream and resulted in fabulous wedding portraits.

The couple’s choice of Dievole Wine Resort was a testament to their love for Tuscany’s natural beauty and historical charm. They were captivated by the venue’s luxurious ambiance, which perfectly complemented their wedding style. Gali Las Bridal’s exquisite gown added a touch of elegance, and Beauty by Adela’s makeup artistry enhanced the bride’s radiant look.

The collaboration with Beauty by Adela proved once again to be a fantastic partnership, as she expertly created a stunning makeup look for the bride. Despite the unpredictable weather, the couple’s resilience and unwavering love shone through, adding an authentic touch to the wedding portraits. Dievole Wine Resort’s captivating surroundings provided a picturesque backdrop, allowing us to capture the couple’s love amidst Tuscany’s breathtaking landscapes.

Our experience shooting wedding portraits in Tuscany’s Dievole Wine Resort was a dream come true. From the bride’s exquisite gown to the breathtaking venue, every detail was carefully orchestrated to create timeless memories. If you’re a bride-to-be searching for a wedding planner in Tuscany, Italy, consider Dievole Wine Resort for its natural beauty, historic charm, and luxurious ambiance. It is an ideal destination to capture the essence of your love story against the backdrop of Tuscany’s captivating landscapes.